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CTO industries Co., LTD. Is a professional in 10 years processing hardware manufacturers, covers an area of 6400 square meters, the staff of nearly 200 people, through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Their own mould room, and set up: production department, engineering department, tooling production, polishing department, QC department... ., and other department. With dozens of senior engineers, engineers, senior technical personnel, from product development, engineering detection, mould making, production and processing, product testing, packaged goods, etc can provide integrated service.
The company has dozens of precision press, punch to 200 T, small to 10 T, and welding machine 10 sets, polishing machine 10 sets of...... And the relevant processing equipment nearly sets of Taiwan. More hold 320 T hydraulic tensile machine, CNC nc punch, CNC bending machine, high speed, high precision CNC lathe, Germany technology laser engraving machine, automatic dull polishing machine... And many sets of high-tech machinery equipment. Is a can provide various types of precision metal stamping processing, precision laser engraving diversified processing technology, welcome the customer to chart to sample processing. Pull processing precision sheet metal processing
Company business scope: metal stamping processing, hardware tensile processing, hardware and deep processing, precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal stamping GPS shell, box, chassis processing,, radiator, heat sink, stainless steel battery piece, large chassis backplane cabinet processing CPU, other metal stamping parts, sheet metal bending, metal polishing, laser cutting processing, stainless steel processing, aluminum processing, electronic hardware accessories, hardware accessories car, motorcycle hardware fittings, bicycle hardware fittings, furniture hardware fittings, kitchen hardware fittings, mechanical hardware fittings, lighting hardware, metal resistance aluminum shell, clockwork, horn nets, shields,