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One Stop Service 
 ●    Product Concept Design
 ●    Product Reverse Engineering
 ●    RP/RT Maker(SLA/FDM/CNC for Prototyping) 
 ●    Product Design Optimization
 ●    Tooling CAD/CAM/CAE,Shorten lead time,Improve molding efficiency
 ●    Separate part drawing made and assembly production
 ●    Product & Part Inspection
 ●    Short Run Production or Parts
 ●    Supply trial molding parameters
 ●    Usage and maintenance guide manual
 ●    Spare parts and detailed parts list
 ●    Delivery on the spot, adjust for production
 ●    Training for the tools on the spot
 ●    Regular visit and service for the customer


Providing product design, mold design, mold making, production of products. The company has a strong ability to integrate resources,

Complete with before and after the die-resources, from surveying and mapping products, product design to mold design, mold making, injection molding processing, painting, plating, CTO can in a short period of time with their close cooperation with the upstream and downstream enterprises, greatly To address the issues raised by customers, help customers improve work quality and efficiency.