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Competitive Lead Time
● The rapid development system of integrated products and moulds.
The Engineering department furnished with advanced PRO-E CAD/CAM/CAE software, has the ability including the conceptual design of products, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping manufacturing, rapid tools and batch production.  We can supply the customer with a total solution from the development of new products to mould manufacturing.  All formats of files can be received.

● Integrated Information System for Production
We use a custom software system that tracks every aspect of the design and build process to guarantee the delivery time of the mould.

● One-ticket Responsibility for Parallel Operation
We have Project Manager one-station service for order processing.  Externally we communicate with customers, technical communication, timing schedule and on-site service during delivery.  Internally we track tooling, timing, arrangement, process, plan, etc.  This allows us to manage our processes and ensure the highest quality for the customer